Welcome to Paul Holly’s Plays with Food restaurant and theatre blog – here’s a bit more about me…

I have always been a foodie. When I was very young, my mother would give me a little piece of the pie dough that she was rolling out. I would put jelly on it and she would help me place it in the oven. I would watch and wait. Instant gratification! My own little pie.

The performer in me began at about the same time. Singing in the church’s youth choir, dance recitals, piano lessons and forcing my poor family to endure countless “shows” lit by a flashlight were the norm.

Theatre became my vocation and food my avocation! I love both worlds dearly.

My appreciation for great food, the simplicity of it’s preparation and the high quality of ingredients was taught to me by my mother and all of my large family. Growing up in the South helped me understand how vegetables grow and how animals are raised for food.

Countless hours at the feet of my relatives learning how to be a Southern cook developed my cooking skills. Julia Child was the first TV chef I remember watching on the local PBS station. She taught me that there was another way to cook. As I grew and traveled, I learned the world is full of amazing food and wonderful nourishing ways to prepare it. Collecting cookbooks became my obsession!  (And still is!)

Leaving my home in TN to get my degree in theatre at Florida State University was a humbling experience and an exposure to other cultures, people, thoughts, religions and food. Becoming a professional actor and director has led me around the world. I have experienced the joy of receiving a standing ovation and the disappointment of not getting a role that I desperately wanted. I have helped create the spectacular on stage and cheered on my friends who make stories come to life all over the world.

Food and theatre are my passions. Sharing them with you in this blog is the biggest gift I could ever give myself.

Love & Light