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Macchu PicchuOne of the many adventurous things about living in a city as metropolitan as Atlanta is the access to such diverse and interesting foodie options. You can treat yourself to many fine dining pleasure dens, choose a new chef’s farm-to-table establishment or opt for a hole in the wall on Buford Highway with delicious treats. Anything and everything from around the world is available in ‘Hot’lanta!
Recently to celebrate a friend’s birthday and explore another cultural experience with another foodie, we went to Macchu Picchu restaurant on the previously mentioned multi-cultural bastion of exciting food, Buford Highway. The restaurant sits a bit hidden in the bright yellow Northeast Plaza shopping center. The menu is filled with hearty Peruvian food. Lots of representation of the coastal areas with many ceviche bowls and other fish dishes. I had the Pescado a la Chorillana. Crispy fried fish filets topped with onions. Delicious! Heartier stews, soups, empanadas and beef plates fill out a very auspicious menu. Try it! You will like it!Desta
A couple of weeks later, another friend called and wanted to get a quick lunch at one of his favorite places. Desta Ethiopian Kitchen. Located on Briarcliff off in the Williamsburg Village Shopping Center, this icon of Ethiopian food competes with others close by. We ordered the meat lover’s plate. You pick three of the outstanding choices on the menu. We chose fish, lamb and chicken. Each protein was cooked with vegetables and spiced to perfection! Of course, you get ample freshly made injera, the spongy and delicious bread that you use as an eating utensil. The food is low calorie, well spiced and served quickly. Fun!
kibbehAnd to round out the month, I was invited to dine with new friends at a farewell party hosted in a very dear friend’s home. She and her large and loving family are Lebanese. Knowing I had never tried Kibbeh, the national dish of Lebanon, her sister made a delicious citrus infused raw version and a warm, hearty baked version. The raw version is the best beef ground with onions and bulgur. Served on pita, it was a true treat to eat! The baked version has a few extra ingredients and was served along with an array of Mediterranean delights. I am blessed to have such friends!
I live to eat! I know others that only eat to live. That makes me a bit sad as I feel they miss out on the stories of cultures, families, traditions and great food! Life is just too short! Explore! Explore!


  1. Misty Whitlock

    My favorite Ethiopian place, Bahel, is right across the street from Desta. We will definitely have to plan to stop in there so you can compare the two. So much amazing ethnic food to be had in Atlanta!

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