A Biscuit a Day!

Flying Biscuit 2If you have ever visited friends in Atlanta, and they were in the know (or at least slightly hip), you probably have stood in line outside the original Flying Biscuit Café in Candler Park on a Sunday morning waiting a good long while for a great breakfast. When Delia Champion opened the restaurant in 1993, next to her Flying Biscuit Bakery with the help of the Indigo Girls, it became an instant hit and has been ever since. It’s a great place for brunch!

After a second location opened in Midtown several years ago, Raving Brands started sniffing around. They are a franchiser. (Insert scary organ music here!) Ever had someone yell “Welcome to Moe’s” when you were jonesing for a burrito. Moe’s is one of Raving Brands big success stories.

But I must say that when I heard the news that the Flying Biscuit was going to franchise, I became a bit skeptical (and scared). Some of the many small and wonderful restaurants that became major franchises lose their heart and soul. And their food becomes so corporate and pre-prepared that it just tastes…..stagnant. (Ruby Tuesday, anyone? Remember the good old days when it used to be good!)

I met friends at one of the newer franchised Flying Biscuit locations yesterday and am happy to report that the food still seems to have the integrity from the original. (Phew!) Lovely biscuits. Healthy and vegetarian centric plates. Fried green tomatoes! (Yay!!!) The fun and funky vibe is still present. What a relief! I pray they keep this up as the franchise expands.Flying Biscuit 3

Although there are meat dishes on the menu, all of the food has a pretty healthy perspective. The black bean Love Cakes are especially good. Breakfast is served all day. I have never left feeling hungry.

So I hope you get the chance to try a little taste of something fun and funky that started in Atlanta. Enjoyable food shared with wonderful friends or family is a highlight in life and can heal almost all ills.

A good biscuit makes it a pretty good day too!

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