Month: May 2013

Restaurant Reviews

Very optimistic!

Going to new (or “new to me”) restaurants is a joy to me in this life. My opinions usually range from the sublime to the ridiculous. I prefer to check out a place more than once before I give it a rave or a big thumbs down. You never know […]

Restaurant Reviews

Holy Spear-it!

Fresh asparagus always means the arrival of spring to me. Seeing the little shoots come up through the ground and trying to harvest them before they grow too large is a true indicator that warmer weather is on the way. My mother always said that my grandmother could just toss […]

Restaurant Reviews

How are things in Guacamole?

I never tasted an avocado until I moved out of Middle Tennessee and went to college in Florida. They just weren’t something we ate growing up. Mexican or Tex Mex food consisted mainly of the taco kits bought at Kroger. Yep. Guacamole was a revelation in flavor to me. Salty, […]